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We are pleased that you are visiting our websites and thank you for your interest in our company, our products and our websites. This data protection declaration is valid for AkzoNobel GmbH and all other AkzoNobel subsidiaries (henceforth collectively called 'AkzoNobel' or 'we') which you can reach via this Internet portal. The body responsible for the processing of personal data – in terms of the data protection law – is the AkzoNobel subsidiary named in the company information of the respective websites.

The protection of your privacy when using our websites is important to us. This is why we take note of the following information:

Anonymous data retrieval

You can principally visit the AkzoNobel websites without telling us who you are. We only know the IP address assigned to you at the time of your visit, the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website from which you are visiting us and which of our websites you visit along with the time of the visit. If you download files, AkzoNobel also knows the name of the respective file. This information is used for statistical purposes. As a single user you therefore remain anonymous.

  • Retrieval and processing of personal data
  • In principal, no personal data is retrieved on our Internet sites purely
  • serving as customer information.

Should you wish to begin a personal communication with AkzoNobel, then personal data is retrieved in which you voluntarily give it to us. This takes place, for example, as part of an application for a vacant job, an online questionnaire or a registration for a conference. As part of these personalised services, your registration data is processed for the use made known to you. In order to avoid misunderstandings, after you have registered, AkzoNobel sends you an e-mail which you in turn confirm by consenting (double opt in).

Export and processing of data to states outside of the European Economic Area
As no personal data is retrieved in pure customer information, there is no export of data to states outside of the EEA.

When using offers (personalised services) which require individual communication between AkzoNobel and you, this personal data can, for the fulfilment of the agreed purpose (e.g. application, product queries, conference booking), be forwarded to companies within the AkzoNobel company and therefore potentially outside of the European Economic Area. A binding privacy code of conduct is valid for the forwarding of personal data within the AkzoNobel company. This ensures that your privacy and your personal data is secured in a regulated and appropriate way within AkzoNobel. 

Use and forwarding of personal data
As no personal data is retrieved for information retrieval on our sites, no use and forwarding can take place.

The personal data retrieved as part of the AkzoNobel websites are only used, without your express permission, for the processing of your queries as part of the personalised services described above. Furthermore, your data is only used for advertising and market research purposes as well as for the tailored design of AkzoNobel electronic services if you have given your permission in advance. The use of your data for advertising personalised for you only takes place if you have given your permission. Incidentally, there is no forwarding to other third parties. You can naturally withdraw your permission at any time with effect for the future.

External links
You can find links on our sites for your optimum information which take you to third party sites. If such links are not obviously recognisable, then we indicate to you that it is an external link. AkzoNobel has no influence whatsoever on the content and the design of the sites of other providers. The guarantees of this data protection declaration therefore are naturally not valid there.


Further information and contacts
If you have further questions regarding the topic of 'data protection at AkzoNobel', you will receive corresponding answers to them in our FAQ (list of frequently asked questions with answers). Furthermore, you can send information on your data and gladly even suggestions by e-mail or letter to the following address at any time:

AkzoNobel GmbH data protection representative

Dipl.-Ing. Arnd Fackeldey
Kreuzauer Strasse 46
52355 Duren

E-Mail:  Arnd.Fackeldey(at)AkzoNobel.com


Data Protection FAQ

What is personal data?
Personal data is information which can be assigned to you. This includes, for example, your name, your address, your phone number and your e-mail address. Information which is not directly linked to you is not part of it.

How does AkzoNobel define advertising, market research?
We define advertising, market research as information for the product program (e.g. brochures), information about services (e.g. product advice), information about the customer retention program (e.g. conferences, exhibitions) and customer enquiries (e.g. online questionnaire on customer satisfaction).

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small record set which is stored on your hard drive. This record set is created by the web server, with which you have created a connection using your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) and is then sent to you. Most browsers have a standard setting in which they automatically accept cookies. However, you do have the possibility to set your browser to reject cookies or their previous display. Furthermore, you can delete cookies from your system (e.g. in Windows Explorer) at any time. For this, please use the corresponding function in your operating system or read the help page of your web browser.

Does AkzoNobel use cookies?
Yes, we use cookies on several of our websites. In general, we use cookies for statistical analysis of the interest in our websites. Our cookies do not contain any personal data are only used to calculate the frequency of the selection of our websites. In order to enable this, we only use so-called 'session cookies'. These cookies are deleted after you close your browser.

Does AkzoNobel use further technology for marketing and optimisation purposes?
Data is collected and stored on this website for marketing and optimisation purposes using etracker GmbH (www.etracker.com) technology. User profiles can be created from this data under a pseudonym. Cookies can be used for this. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the site visitor's Internet browser. Cookies enable the recognition of the Internet browser. The data retrieved with etracker technology is not used to personally identify the website's visitors without their express permission and is not combined with personal data about the carrier of the pseudonym. The data retrieval and storage can be vetoed at any time with effect for the future.

Do I have right of access?
Regardless of whether we retrieved your personal data online or in written form (e.g. application, product query, brochure request), you naturally have the right to know whether, and if so, which personal data of yours we are storing. Please contact  the AkzoNobel data protection representative. This enquiry takes place free of charge.

Do I have the right for data to be changed or deleted?
AkzoNobel only keeps your data for as long as we need it to fulfil its known purpose. In addition, you always have the right to partially or completely withdraw your permission for data use with effect for the future. In this case, we will delete your corresponding data. In exceptional circumstances, however, deleting of data can conflict with laws, particularly when concerning burden of proof purposes. In this case your data is blocked and only used for the fulfilling of legal obligations.

Is my data forwarded to third parties?
Your data is fundamentally not transferred to third parties. As part of the processing of your enquiries and your use of our services, we forward your personal data to AkzoNobel companies or assigned service providers for our support, if necessary. These service providers are contractually obligated to uphold legal data protection regulations in the same way that we are and do not count as third parties in the sense of data protection laws.

How does AkzoNobel handle ""special types of personal data""?
Special types of personal data are defined by §3 paragraph 9 of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG). This is defined as information, for example, about health, political beliefs, union membership etc. This data is subject to special protection. You can fundamentally visit the AkzoNobel websites and use the entire information range of these websites without giving us these types of special personal data. Should you make special types of personal information available to us without prompting, then this counts as express permission for AkzoNobel according to § 4a paragraph 3 of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG). In this case, AkzoNobel assures you that special types of personal data are handled with the care necessary.

Does this data protection declaration also count for other providers' websites?
This declaration of data protection is not valid for websites outside of AkzoNobel which can be found via links on the AkzoNobel websites. Please, therefore, take note of the respective regulations of other providers concerning data protection.

Where can I request an insight into the 'index of procedures for everyman'?
According to the BDSG, the data protection representative of a company is required to give 'everyman' access to information on the procedures of the automated processing of personal data upon request. We permanently offer you this information via the following link:

Index of procedures for everyman (external link)

Change to this data protection declaration
The rapid development of the Internet makes it necessary for us to make adjustments to our data protection declaration from time to time. The currently updated version of our data protection declaration.

Contact for questions or information requests
For questions, comments, complaints and information requests regarding our data protection declaration and the processing of your personal data, you can contact our representative for data protection, who is at your disposal at the address named above.